Forever Changed: La Florida, 1513–1821
A Bibliography For Young Readers

Arms, Armor, and Weapons

Explorers and their armies wore protective clothing and headwear and carried weapons for fighting. Although some officers may have had suits of metal plate armor, common soldiers wore a chain mail shirt and thick cotton armor. Weapons consisted of the crossbow, sword, halberd, and arquebus. Horses and war dogs were used as well.

  1. Suddeth, Frank. Uniforms and Weapons in Colonial Florida, 1513–1821. St. Augustine, Fla.: St. Augustine Publishing Company, 1976.

    • Print; 40 pages; nonfiction; ages 9 and up
    • Currently out of print but owned by many Florida libraries

    This monochrome pamphlet contains illustrations of the clothing, guns, and swords of the conquistadors and soldiers from Spain. It would make a wonderful addition to a lesson or report about conquistadors.