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Veterans Memorial Museum & Park

3602 Highway 301 North
Tampa, Florida 33619
Hillsborough County

This site is located in the WestCentral region of the state.

The Hillsborough County Veterans Memorial Museum & Park is located on Highway 301, one-quarter mile South of Martin Luther King Boulevard on the North side of the Tampa Bypass Canal, and about one mile North of East Broadway.

Officially opened on July 4, 1991, Veterans Memorial Museum & Park “…is dedicated to American service personnel that have served their country, both in the past and present.” Found on the park grounds are the WWII Submarine Memorial, the Veterans Freedom Memorial, and a WWII Stuart tank dedicated to the 14th Armored Division of WWII. Museum WWII-era artifacts include WACS and WAVES uniforms and submariner articles.

Annually, on Submariners Memorial Day (April 7), the local chapter of the Submarine Veterans Association of WWII conducts a memorial service in the park.


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