Educational Resources

Seminole resources from the Florida Memory Project Online Classroom, Florida Department of State

Collection of Seminole dolls in the process of being made by Mary Billie : Big Cypress Seminole Indian Reservation, Florida Seminole Doll Making - Seminole doll maker Mary B. Billie and her daughter, Claudia C. John, discuss the history and practices of Seminole doll making; includes lesson plans.

Seminole Portraits — Major leaders and chiefs of the Second Seminole War (1835–42) are featured; includes lesson plans.

History of Major Seminole Leaders - Read a brief background about nine Seminole leaders of the Second Seminole War.

Seminole resources from the Museum of Florida History, Florida Department of State

Seminole Timeline — Primary events in Tribal history, from 1600 to the present, offer insight into Seminole perseverance.

Selected Bibliography — Peruse a list of books for young and adult readers.

Lesson Plan—Seminole patchwork in Florida is the focus of an elementary-level activity with extensions for middle school.

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