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TREX Program
Museum of Florida History
500 S. Bronough St.
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0250
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TREX Coordinator: [email protected]

Florida's Got the Blues

Florida's Got the BluesDid you know that Florida has a long blues tradition? Many notable blues artists had roots in Florida, and they are featured in an engaging exhibit that explores topics such as Early Blues, Florida Women and the Blues, Blues Clubs and Jook Joints, Depression Blues and the WPA Recordings, Popular Music and the Blues, and Contemporary Blues.

Florida's Got the Blues

General Description
Thirty-nine (39) panels including title panel, graphic and text panels, photographs, and credit panel, varying in size from 22" x 32" to 49" x 73"; twelve vinyl graphic banners varying in size from 36" x 48" to 71" x 95" including an outdoor banner at 15' x 16.5'; an interactive computer kiosk and a bandstand interactive stage that includes a 7' x 5' check tile floor, 12' x 8' backdrop panel, 2-D cut-out band figures, 2-D cut-out instruments, and a 2-D cut-out vintage juke box. Also includes a blues documentary on DVD.

Space Required
250 to 300 linear feet.

Shipping Crates
Four crates:
75"h x 29"w x 52"d
63"h x 34 1/2"w x 31"d
28"h x 24"w x 46 1/2"d
58 1/2"h x 39"w x 89"d

Shipping Weight
2,000 lbs.

Security Requirements

Exhibit Rental Fee

Suggested Layout