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NAAS Mayport

Naval Station Mayport

Mayport Road
Jacksonville, Florida
Duval County

This site is located in the Northeast region of the state.


Originally planned as an aircraft carrier base, Naval Auxiliary Facility Mayport became active in March 1943 while still under construction. Initially serving to refuel and rearm aircraft from NAS Jacksonville, the base later received designation as a Sea Frontier Base providing maintenance and refueling of submarines.

Formally commissioned a Naval Auxiliary Air Station in April 1944, Mayport became an Out-Lying Field to NAS Jacksonville. In this capacity, the station provided training overflow on gunnery and torpedo activities using Corsair aircraft. As many as fifty WAVES from NAS Jacksonville were stationed here at any one time and the U.S. Coast Guard Beach Patrol operated from this site. The aircraft carrier stationed here provided actual take-off and landing experience for the cadets. Later in the war, NAAS Mayport was homeport for a minesweeping group. An anti-aircraft school and a degaussing school operated at this site as well.

Deactivated by the Navy in 1946, NAAS Mayport was reactivated in 1948 and serves in 2000 as the third largest naval base in the continental United States.

As a closed base, access is granted only to groups having received prior approval through the Public Affairs Office.

Pearl Harbor Day Ceremonies are conducted each year by and for American Legion and VFW Members