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World War II Memory Book

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After viewing the Florida Remembers World War II exhibit, many visitors leave comments in a Memory Book. We would like to share some of them with you.


  • As a combat veteran and son of a WWII vet, I appreciate this WWII exhibition very much.


  • A touching exhibit that brings home the incredible experience of our state, our country, and the world during WWII. Bravo, and thank you.


  • A wonderful tribute and exhibit. I'll return to remember our 'guys'.


  • It was very heartwarming and touching - I don't think I walked through with a dry eye. Thanks so much for allowing me the opportunity to share in our history. God bless with great respect to those who have and are fighting for our freedom.


  • A very sobering exhibit. It really brings home the sacrifices of a generation past.


  • Very moving, very informative, and very important. Thank you for keeping alive the realities and contributions to freedom that have caused so many sacrifices.


  • I was less than two years old when my father was killed in action in the Battle of the Bulge. He had fought in North Africa and through the Normandy invasion. He was killed on January 17th, 1945. To finally see his name on a Wall of Remembrance with all the others who gave their lives means a great deal to me. Thank you so much.


  • I give thanks to those who gave their service and their lives so that people would be free and the enemy would be stopped. We honor you for the price you paid - all in the service of giving your time and a season of your lives - others for paying with their lives themselves. Thank you is simply not enough, but it is all I have to give.


  • Thank you for preserving a legacy - one we all must remember. War is a terrible thing. We are proud of those who fought and those who died. It would be wonderful to have peace through words and not always for the sake of power.


  • The students from Mrs. Anderson's 4th grade class thought the museum was fascinating! We enjoyed learning our story and learned how to connect it with the things we have learned about in class.


  • Thank you for the very special exhibition of the costs in lives, efforts, and resources to keep our freedom, and to give freedom to people who were enslaved.


  • I can't imagine what those men and women experienced. The thought of someone going to such great lengths to keep our great nation free warms my heart and brings tears to my eyes. Thank you to all who have and are serving to keep us free- god bless!


  • Great Memorial Exhibit - it doesn't glorify war or the reasons for it.