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The Great Gleason Express menu

The multi-talented entertainer Jackie Gleason, best remembered for his portrayal of bus driver Ralph Kramden on The Honeymooners, also hosted an Emmy-winning variety show, The Jackie Gleason Show. The series aired from 1952 to 1970. In 1964, he moved his show from New York City to Miami Beach with a spectacularly successful publicity stunt. Gleason, along with his swing band, dancing girls, entire cast and camera crew, boarded a train for Miami Beach. The train was renamed for the two-day trip The Jackie Gleason Express. People lined the tracks in Miami to greet him. The Jackie Gleason Show aired from Miami Beach for six years. He famously opened the show each week with the announcement, “From the sun and fun capital of the world, Miami Beach, it’s The Jackie Gleason Show.” (The Great Gleason Express menu, August 1, 1964, Collection of the Museum of Florida History)