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NAAS Corry Field

FMSF#: ES02284, ES02288, ES02290, ES02291, ES02295, ES02297, ES02300, ES02303, ES02304, ES02305, ES02306, ES02307, ES02308, ES02314, ES02315, ES02316

Pensacola, Florida
Escambia County

This site is located in the Northwest region of the state.


Originally constructed in 1923 on a site north of Pensacola, relocation became necessary with the encroachment on the base by the city. With the donation of 530 acres from Escambia county, the U.S. Navy dedicated Corry Field on November 1, 1928. This designation honors Quincy, Florida native and Medal of Honor recipient LtCdr William M. Corry, Jr., Naval Aviator #23, who died a hero. One of the first fields with hard-surfaced runways, Corry Field became an Auxiliary Base Field under the Naval Air Training Center in 1934.

With the buildup to WWII, primary training of American and British pilots took place at Corry and anti-submarine patrols, air-sea rescue, and target tow planes flew from this site. In addition, Naval aviators received training in dive-bombing and torpedo bombing skills while at this site. Corry Field operated the Instructors School for NAS Pensacola until August 1943.

With six outlying fields in 1944, the station complement consisted of over 2,500 officers, enlistees, and students. Planes operated from this site included SNB Beech Kansan, R4D Skytrain, R50 Lodestar, PBY Catalina, and a J2F Duck and SNV Valiant.

NAAS Corry Field is a closed training base.