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NAAS Saufley Field

6490 Saufley Field Road
Pensacola, Florida 32509-5235
Escambia County
This site is located in the Northwest region of the state.


Originally constructed on leased property and known as Felton’s Farm Field, this site later became NAAS Saufley Field in 1939 to honor Lt (jg) Richard Caswell Saufley. Naval aviator #14, Lt. (jg) Saufley died in 1916 in an airplane crash off Santa Rosa Island while attempting an endurance record.

Saufley Field began operation in August 1940 as an auxiliary field to NAS Pensacola. Training on the SNJ Texans and Link trainers began in November 1940. As the home to flight instructor and fighter pilot training, the pace of activity increased to seven days a week and around the clock by the time of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

Commissioned a naval auxiliary air station on March 1, 1943, training was provided to aviators from Allied nations as well as those of the United States. Before flight training demands slowed near the end of 1944, the number of aircraft reached a peak of close to 160. With a 1944 station complement of 1800 officers and men and 423 students, facilities were strained.

Saufley continues in use as a training facility for naval aviators as well as the home to a Federal Prison Camp. NAAS Saufley is a closed facility.


Saufley Field Facts