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A Vaudeville Star

Aileen Stanley was a Real Flapper. She was a vaudeville star during the gramophone era. Though women are underrepresented in early musical recordings, Ms. Stanley appears three times in the Knott’s record collection. These performances are from her peak of popularity in 1925. Lend an ear to a real flapper.

First we hear a lonely lament accompanied by Victor house pianist Frank Banta.


Then she tells us how lucky she is with her man. The scat singing and kazoo sounds are by Billy ‘Uke’ Carpenter, the original voice of Popeye. This is consistent with the fact that she is identified on all three records as a comedienne rather than a singer.


Finally, we get her humorous take on the realities of relationships. Her delivery in this performance is old school blues shouting reminiscent of Bessie Smith. This worked well with the recording equipment of the time.

During her career Aileen Stanley sold twenty-five million records, surpassing even Caruso. Her style may be dated but her sentiments are thoroughly modern.


Aileen Stanley (1925)

A: You’re in Wrong with the Right Baby

B: Want a Little Lovin’

Aileen Stanley (1925)

A: I Love My Baby