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School Days in Song with Bing Crosby

Bing Crosby recorded several academically themed songs. Crosby just missed the gramophone era; his first recording was in 1927. He doesn’t show up in the Knott collection until 1940 but he makes up for lost time with more recordings in the collection than any other vocalist.

Very little music for or about young people was recorded before the fifties, but here is a reminiscence of adolescent school days.


College students did represent a market and we have two songs celebrating college crushes.

And on side B:

These are not the only school related songs the Knotts listened to, but not all are available on the Internet probably due to copyright issues. They include the Phi Delt Alumi March and The Phi Delt Bungalow recorded by Sammy Kay. Exactly when this record was created is unknown but it was being sold to members by mail order for sixty cents in 1940.

Of local interest is an early recording of the FSU Fight Song by Tommie Wright. The song debuted in 1950 but exactly when the recording in the collection was made is not known. Being a 78 it is probably from the early fifties making it one of the newest records in the collection.


Bing Crosby (1940)

B: The Girl with the Pigtails in Her Hair

Bing Crosby (1941)

A: The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi

B: Dream Girl of Pi K A