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Three ‘Moving On’ Songs

Some of the most enduring music from the roaring twenties can be found in the Knott’s record collection. These three songs outlasted most of the pack and continue to surface afresh from time to time. They share the theme of moving on in life.

Bye Bye Blues has been recorded at least fifty times by everyone from Cab Callaway to Merle Travis. Les Paul and Mary Ford topped the charts with it in 1952. It was featured as recently as 1989 in a movie of the same name. Here is the original from 1926 by the composer:


Ray Henderson and Mort Dixon wrote many popular songs in the twenties. One of the most durable is Bye Bye Blackbird. Here is the original:

After years in the pop song bargain basement, Bye Bye Blackbird became a jazz standard in the horn of Miles Davis in the 1950’s and has remained in that repertoire ever since.

Finally we have Breezin Along with the Breeze:

Just about every popular singer in the twentieth century recorded this song. Television aficionados may enjoy a version that never made it to record but is featured in an early 1950’s movie made specifically to showcase two early TV stars. For the bonus round, who were the stars and what was the movie?

(A: "The Long Long Trailer" starring Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz)